Shared Calendar for Microsoft Teams

Simply add to your channel. Great monthly overview. Easy.

Don't miss the app that made it to the top 30 most used apps in Microsoft Teams!

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Shared Calendar for Microsoft Teams

App Features

Great overview

Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Agenda views.

Easy to use

The Shared Calendar is very easy to use and does not require any additional training.

Microsoft Teams integration

Create and edit calendars easily in your channels.

Mirror calendar anywhere

Embed the same mirrored calendar in multiple Teams channels, SharePoint, Confluence, Wiki and more. Works across organizations.

Share a link to your calendar

As simple as possible. No separate login needed.
Great to include external users.

Grouping in sub-calendars

Supports colored sub-calendars in each calendar, e.g. to show events of one team or person. Allows filtering by sub-calendars.


Project calendars, PTO, Travel calendars, vacations, event planning and more.

Mobile support

Access your shared calendar on the go.

PDF export / Printing

Export calendars to PDF for printing.

Dark mode support

Supports dark mode in Microsoft Teams.


Shared Calendar for Microsoft Teams can be used for free for up to 15 calendar entries. To create/edit larger calendars, we ask you to acquire a PRO license below. If you share calendars with other team members or customers, they do not need an own license to view calendars in read-only mode.



  • Create/edit small calendars with up to 15 entries
  • View any large calendar (read-only)
  • Create unlimited number of calendars
  • No time restriction
  • Create/edit large calendars
  • Unlimited entries in each calendar

Just add in Microsoft Teams to get started


for 2 years

  • Create/edit large calendars
  • Unlimited entries in each calendar
  • Create unlimited number of calendars
  • License valid for 2 years
  • Equals less than $ per month
  • No Subscription
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